Regional Workshop

Effective regional policy engagement for Pacific Trades Unions on Just Transition for Climate Sustainability

A Regional workshop organized by the ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries in collaboration with the Australia People for Health, Education and Development Abroad (APHEDA)

Participants from the Pacific region in Nadi, Fiji.
With the impacts of climate change and prioritization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the effective engagement of Workers Organisations in national and regional forums where these topics are discussed is becoming more critical. However, our national and regional Workers Organisations continue to have capacity challenges and not provided with the opportunity to contribute in forms where policy decisions are made with regards to Just Transition and SDG’s.

The ILO project 'Increased capacities of employers’ and workers’ organisations to participate effectively in the development of social and labour policy’ in collaboration with Australia People for Health, Education and Development Abroad (APHEDA) is organizing this pacific trades union meeting with the vision to establish a stronger and effective Regional Workers Organziation (SPOCTU) which has a better understanding of regional political engagement in the Pacific to be able to influence social and labour policy.

The specific objectives of the meeting are:
  1. Developing the strategic direction and sustainability of the South Pacific and Oceanic Council of Trades Unions (SPOCTU);
  2. Sharing knowledge of ILO/ACTRAV’s policy response to Just Transition and R205 including ILO programme on disaster preparedness and recovery in the pacific ;
  3. A better understanding of the political processes of relevant high level regional and international political forums for effective participation by national and regional workers organisations