Fundamental principles of official statistics adopted by the UN General Assembly in January 2014

News | 08 May 2014

The United National General Assembly has endorsed the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics last 23 January 2014 during its 68th session. These principles are considered a basic framework which all statistical activities developed by national and international organizations must follow in recognizing official statistics as a public good.

It is the first time the Fundamental Principles have received such high recognition at global political level, a fact considered historic. The Fundamental Principles were drafted some 20 years by the Conference of European Statisticians. In 1994, they were adopted by the United Nations Statistical Commission, the highest decision making body for coordinating international statistical activities and which brings together national or chief statisticians from member states around the world. In 2011, the Statistical Commission acknowledged that the ten Principles were still as relevant today as ever, and that no revision was necessary. It did, however, recommend that a Friends of the Chair group revise and update the preamble of the Fundamental Principles, which were adopted by the Statistical Commission at its 44th session in 2013. The Principles have now been endorsed by the UN’s General Assembly and it is considered an important step towards the enhancement of statistics in all domains, particularly facing the post-2015 development agenda discussions.

The document in all languages can be downloaded below:

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