Skills that Work Project

Photos: ILO, WorldSkills
The Skills that Work Project is a joint effort of the International Labour Organization and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation aimed to provide young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with labour market-relevant skills and exposure to the work environment through Quality Apprenticeships.

The project seeks to increase the knowledge of Quality Apprenticeship systems in target countries and to produce tools to better train those who need it the most, thereby reducing skills mismatches in the labour market. The project focuses on improving the delivery of demand-led training in the formal technical and vocational education and training system (TVET) in close partnership with the private sector.

The project has the following components:

  1. Component 1

    Increased knowledge on the national initiatives to promote Quality Apprenticeships in G20 countries.

  2. Component 2

    Innovative research on the non-marketable benefits of apprenticeships in South African enterprises.

  3. Component 3

    Practical tools for Quality Apprenticeships in enterprises.