STED Capacity Building Training Workshop in Malawi

Web page | 13 June 2017


In Malawi, the STED project have organized a STED capacity building workshop on 13-17 June 2017 for the national stakeholders including representatives from Ministry of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development (MoLYMD), Ministry of Industry and Trade, TEVETA, ECAM, MCTU as well as representatives from Training Institutions and Universities. 

Objective of the STED training workshop
The workshop aimed to enhance the capacity of national and sectoral stakeholders to
  • analyse and anticipate skills needs in tradable sectors that have growth potential,
  • design effective skills response strategies that contribute to higher and more diversified exports with more and better creation, and
  • develop an action plan for Institutionalization of the STED methodology in Malawi. 
Workshop materials: