Semi-finalist of the 1st ILO Skills Challenge Innovation Call

Virtual Reality for Waste Management Training, Qutoof, Jordan

Virtual Reality for Waste Management Training is one of the semi-finalists of the 1st ILO Skills Challenge Innovation Call. The solution, submitted by Qutoof (Jordan), uses Virtual Reality (VR) to provide training in waste management, in particular on how to deal with hazardous situations, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Web page | 15 July 2020
Qutoof is a local non-profit professional development organization aimed at advancing the sector of waste management and the recycling industry, in order to achieve environmental sustainability and green growth in Jordan. Qutoof’s services and activities are focused on driving sustainability by integrating education and communication capacities within local communities. Qutoof is a leading approved centre from City & Guilds of London Institute in Jordan and the region in environmental vocational training, in addition to having international certificates & diplomas in waste management, recycling and facility industry. 

Qutoof has implemented many training programmes and projects in Jordan. It has collaborated with the Ministry of Environment and National Strategy for Environmental Education to establish vocational/professional training programmes in the waste management and recycling sector for the first time in Jordan and the Arab world. Qutoof’s solution suggests transforming all the training programmes in waste management and especially the one for hazardous waste by using Virtual Reality (VR) to simulate the specific skills that the learner needs to implement within a 3D realm.
“In addition to a safe training environment, this training can be designed using different perspectives of potentially dangerous situation operatives for learners’ choices or actions. This gives them a holistic understanding of a process that will significantly aid in the reduction of incidents. By giving people the freedom to fail, they will succeed because they retain more knowledge by learning from their mistakes and ultimately developing life-saving skills and workplace competencies.
Buthaina Aburoza, Founder, Qutoof Professional Development