Programmes and projects

  1. ILO - Irish Aid Partnership Programme

    The ILO works in partnership with Irish Aid, the Government of Ireland’s programme of development assistance, to create greater opportunities for women and men, including people with disabilities, to secure decent work and income.

  2. ILO research programme on implementation and impact of NQFs

  3. Knowledge sharing in early identification of skill needs

    The ILO is conducting research into the identification of skill needs to help smooth transition to a low-carbon economy. The work is co-funded and jointly managed by the European Commission.

  4. Skills for Green Jobs

  5. Training for Rural Economic Empowerment (TREE) Programme

    The project is designed to build on existing job-creating programmes of the government and NGOs, make those programmes more effective, and fill in gaps where programmes are weak or do not exist. The project uses a systems approach to identify emerging and potential employment, income generation and small business opportunities and deliver training in practical skills and business management. It is based on the ILO methodology of Community Based Training for employment and income generation.

  6. Upgrading informal apprenticeship