G20TS Kyrgyzstan

National workshop “Improving governance of TVET at the regional level in Kyrgyzstan (on the example of Chuy region)”

The workshop "Improving TVET governance at the regional level in Kyrgyzstan (on the example of Chuy region)" is being organized within the framework of the International Labour Organization's project "Applying the G20 Training strategy: A Partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation" (Phase 2). The concept of governance implies the reconciliation, coordination and joint actions of employers, workers, government and TVET institutions.

The topic of TVET governance will be discussed on a concrete example of the survey of the occupational and skill structure of the workforce in the Chui region and its comparison with the structure of the graduates of lyceums and colleges of the region. Aligning the skills of TVET graduates with the needs of the regional labour market remains a key factor in enriching the employment prospects of youth, increasing the stability of the national economy and labour productivity. Employment of graduates according to the received training and qualification is an important indicator of employment quality, which also improves workers’ satisfaction and well-being. Securing such improvements in TVET governance requires finding new ways to develop partnerships between regional government bodies, social partners and regional TVET systems.

The workshop will be attended by representatives of ministries and agencies, employers and workers organizations, educational organizations, local authorities, which will provide a good opportunity for discussing and considering options for improving TVET governance at the regional level. The participants will also benefit from the information to be shared by experts from other project countries-beneficiaries Armenia, Tajikistan and Russian Federation on addressing TVET governance challenges in their own countries.