Knowledge sharing in early identification of skill needs

The ILO is conducting research into the identification of skill needs to help smooth transition to a low-carbon economy. The work is co-funded and jointly managed by the European Commission.

The ILO and the EC Directorate General of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, in the framework of the EC’s PROGRESS programme, have concluded a joint management agreement "Knowledge sharing in early identification of skill needs." The overall objective of the programme is to enhance cooperation and knowledge sharing in the field of early identification of skill needs between the EC and the ILO for mutual benefit, so that both can add value to their own activities and existing research by drawing on state-of-the-art knowledge and good practices. In particular the programme strategy has two mutually supportive components:

The first component Comparative analysis of methods of identification of skill needs on the labour market in transition to the low carbon economy reviews models and other methods and approaches in identification of occupations and skills needs on the labour market which result from the impact of transition to the low carbon economy.

The second component Study of occupational and skill needs in two green sectors identifies occupational and skill needs and related skills development responses in renewable energy and green building. The sectoral studies will help to shed light on the global dimension of skill needs and on the perspective of national, sectoral and company level human resource strategies in mitigation and adaptation to climate change in both sectors.