Events and meetings

December 2021

  1. Webinar Series on Public Employment Service and its linkage to Skills Development and Employment #1: Current development and future direction for improvement of PES for job matching and skills development

November 2021

  1. Apprenticeship Programme for All – How to hold Inclusive Apprenticeship Programme

    To build understanding on inclusive working place for apprenticeship programme and to seek opportunities for industries to hold inclusive apprenticeship programme.

  2. Employment policies for a job-rich recovery and a better future of work

    This year’s symposium focused on the follow-up to the Global Call to Action for a human-centred recovery from the COVID-19 crisis that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient. Towards this aim, it reviewed the available evidence and discuss policy approaches to assist ILO constituents in their efforts to promote labour market recovery and structural transformation processes that will shift economies to a new and better normal.

October 2021

  1. Pitch Day: The power of innovation

    During the event, the finalists of the 2nd Skills Challenge Innovation Call will present their ideas to boost formalization through technology and skills development in the region.

  2. Technical consultation workshop on the use of skills Logbooks, skills passports and other mechanisms to improve the portability of skills and qualifications

  3. Practical guideline training for industry

    To train selected industrial sector representatives in making use of the Practical Guide in developing and updating competency standards at their field.

September 2021

  1. Industry-BLK collaboration for a quality TVET in Indonesia

    This e-learning course will provide insights into a management approach that focuses on the strengthening of the collaboration between TVET Centres and the private sector.

August 2021

  1. Social protection lecture series #3: The role of stakeholders in social protection reform in South Africa

    This event is part of the ILO Jakarta Social Protection Lecture series. The lectures explores participation of stakeholders in reforming the social protection system in South Africa.

  2. Launch of ILO-UK Skills for Prosperity Programme in Indonesia for Batam and Semarang

    The ILO’s Skills for Prosperity Programme in Indonesia, funded by the United Kingdom government, launches partnership initiatives with the Batam State Polytechnic (Polibatam) and the Maritime State Polytechnic of Indonesia (PoliMarin) to provide technical support for curriculum development and enhancement and capacity building for lecturers and academic staff.

  3. ILO-TEMPO Interactive Discussion: Involvement of Industry to Answer Skills Mismatch in Labour Market

    The discussion aims to raise the awareness of the policy makers, industrial associations and relevant stakeholders regarding the important involvement of industries in tackling problems related to skills mismatch in labour market.

  4. How to Undertake an Assessment for Apprenticeship Programme?

    Second topic of the Virtual Workshops on Quality Apprenticeship for Industries

  5. Developing Apprenticeship Curriculum for Beginners

    First topic of the Virtual Workshops on Quality Apprenticeship for Industries

  6. Virtual Workshops on Quality Apprenticeship for Industries

    The overall objective of the online workshops is to improve capacity of the industries in implementing quality apprenticeship programme.

July 2021

  1. Career development support at the heart of lifelong learning systems

  2. Online Apprenticeship, is it Effective?

    Third session of the Series of Webinars on Quality Apprenticeship for Industries

  3. Reimagining Youth Skills Post-Pandemic

    This year’s World Youth Skills Day will again take place in a challenging context, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and with education and training systems yet to return to pre-crisis conditions. It aims to celebrate the resilience and creativity of youth throughout the crisis and focus attention on how technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems have adapted to the pandemic, participate in the recovery, and imagine priorities they should adopt for the post-COVID-19 world.

  4. ILO-TEMPO Interactive Discussion: From Unemployed to Get Back to Work, What can Unemployment Insurance Do?

    The discussion aims to raise the awareness of the policy makers, industrial associations, workers’ organizations and relevant stakeholders regarding the implementation of social insurance and its link to the public employment service to protect both workers and employers.

  5. The Importance of the Mentorship and the Launch of Virtual Training Manual for Mentors of Workplace Apprenticeship Programme

    Second session of the Series of Webinars on Quality Apprenticeship for Industries

June 2021

  1. The Transformation of Online Vocational Skills Learning Programme

    The workshop aims to share knowledge and information regarding the urgency of online learning and to gain inputs to improve the quality of online learning in the vocational training programme.

  2. Seminar on Indonesia - Australia Cooperation in Online ICT Education

    The proposed webinar will explore partnerships among Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions in Australia, Indonesian polytechnics and companies and identify viable ICT-aided skills development models that are suitable to Indonesia.