Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA)

South-South and Triangular Cooperation Skills Forum

The event aims to address the discussion on skills development with a focus on job rich sectors. It seeks to promote the ILO Centenary Declaration with a strong focus on Skills development, through peer learning between Middle Eastern and North African constituents – at national and sector levels.

skills for the future are not defined by the expectations of employers at national level, but by the technological and other changes that are happening on a global scale. There is therefore a need to increase the awareness of employers and other participants of these changes.


Two online regional tripartite consultation workshops focusing on the skills needed in the future of Work in the MENA region with a focus on job rich sectors will be organized:

15Dec: 13.30-17.30  Workshop on the implications of technological and other global changes (including COVID 19) on jobs and skills in job rich sectors.

16Dec : 9.00-12.30 Workshop to assess national performance against the criteria of the readiness assessment that is currently being piloted in Jordan. Participants will be organized around national round tables.

The sectors in focus will include agriculture, construction, garment, chemicals, health. The countries in focus will include those under the PROSPECTS partnership in MENA, i.e. Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt as well as Morocco.


Participants will include Government representatives (Ministries of Labour and relevant line ministries), representatives of social partners at national and sector levels of selected countries.

The event will take place in English and Arabic.