Pilot phase

ILO Launched the Skills Tracker in Tanzania

As part of a new innovative approach to promoting skills development and ensure lifelong learning opportunities for all, the International Labour Organization, with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have developed a text-messaging tool to help skills systems better understand the quality and relevance of training programs and institutions.

The ILO Skills Tracker was launched in Tanzania aiming to reach graduates and trainees and collect their views on apprenticeships programs supported by the International Labour Organization.

The tool was tested for the first time by a group of 40 apprentices beneficiaries, trainers from the National Tourism College and partners in the hotel industry.

The ILO Skills Tracker sends SMS and email questionnaire surveys covering different aspects of skills development. It collects responses in real-time and consolidates information for quantitative and qualitative analysis. This provides information for TVET agencies to improve the labour market outcomes for graduates and helps measure employment outcomes more effectively.

The ILO Skills Tracker initiative is part of the SKILL-UP Programme, which aims to help ILO constituents to enhance their skills systems and enable the Member States to take advantage of new opportunities offered by emerging global drivers of change pertaining to increased digitalization, technology, climate, and demographics, among others. The next pilot phase of the Skills Tracker will be in Bangladesh.