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March 2023

  1. 5th Employment Policy Research Symposium, 11-12 May 2023

    Employment policies for social justice

    The 2023 Symposium, organized in partnership with the European Commission's (EC) Joint Research Centre (JRC), focuses on the theme of employment policies and social justice. The Symposium will highlight the latest thinking on how integrated national employment policies tailored to the circumstances of countries promote inclusive transitions and social justice.

February 2023

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    As a refugee, my new skills have given my family hope

    28 February 2023

    When her husband was killed in 2009, Angelique Kahindo fled the Democratic Republic of Congo with her children to a refugee settlement in Uganda. For years she had no income, but a new opportunity for an apprenticeship has given her the skills and courage to set up her own tailoring business.

  2. One year of war in Ukraine

    “Professional Education Online” – a new and innovative digital platform to sustain TVET education in Ukraine

    21 February 2023

    Ukraine strives to maintain access to technical vocational education and training during the war with ILO’s commitment and support. A new online platform assists 225,000 TVET students in keeping up with their studies.

  3. Virtual Event

    Launch of the Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF)

    The launch of the Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF) aims at increasing awareness of ILO’s support to member States on comprehensive employment policies, including in the areas of employment diagnostics, policy design, implementation, financing, and monitoring.

January 2023

  1. Regional workshop

    Strengthening apprenticeship systems in the informal economy in Africa to promote quality, innovation and transitions to formality

  2. Event

    Soft-Launch of Handbook and Knowledge Sharing Workshop on GEDSI integration into Learning Process in the Polytechnic

    The overall objective of the soft launch and training workshop are at improving equity in access to maritime education, training and employment of under-represented groups including women and promoting social inclusion at maritime workplaces

  3. Convention No. 190 and vocational training

    Sexual harassment measures implemented in Indonesia polytechnics

    23 January 2023

    The ILO has helped develop measures to address sexual harassment and violence in Indonesia’s higher education institutes.

  4. Technical and vocational education and training and skills development

    Study tour strengthens vocational education collaboration between Indonesia and the United Kingdom

    19 January 2023

    Enhancing institutional knowledge sharing and capacity building, the ILO-UK Skills for Prosperity programme in Indonesia facilitated study visits for polytechnic leaders and lectures to academic partners in the UK.

December 2022

  1. Press release

    ILO and the Government of Norway sign a new partnership agreement on skills development and lifelong learning

    15 December 2022

    Strategic partnership to facilitate access to and transitions in the labour market in six countries in the Africa and Arab States region

  2. Event

    Masterclass Series The SKILLS Bridge - Episode 2: Digital transformations: Modernising apprenticeships and matching the needs of the digital economy

    The Masterclass series serves as a unique platform to take stock of innovative approaches, identify new practices, and evaluate recent developments in the dual VET and apprenticeship ecosystems.

  3. News

    Tripartite workshop for the pilot on recognition and harmonization of occupational standards in the agriculture and construction sectors of Ghana, Nigeria, and Togo

    07 December 2022

    Under the Global Programme on Skills and Lifelong Learning (GPSL3) funded by Norway, tripartite constituents from Ghana, Nigeria and Togo met in Accra on the 30th of November 2022, to strengthen the skills partnership between the three countries active since 2019 and promote skills portability and recognition in the region.

  4. Press release

    Digital Skills for Decent Jobs for Youth

    05 December 2022

    Boosting youth employability through digital skills

November 2022

  1. Event

    The SKILLS Bridge - Episode 2: Digital transformations: Modernising apprenticeships and matching the needs of the digital economy

    The SKILLS Bridge: Harnessing the potential of public and private sectors through dual VET Systems and Quality Apprenticeships

  2. Event

    First Global Careers Month kicks off on 8 November

    The first Global Careers Month is being launched in November. Organized jointly by the Inter-Agency Career Guidance Working Group, the initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the importance of career guidance in helping individuals access decent work, careers, and the support they need to plan and develop their careers. The event runs from 8 November to 13 December.

  3. COP27

    Youth initiatives win IsDB-ILO prizes for innovative ideas on green jobs and skills

    13 November 2022

    The winners, who received their prizes at the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference, had responded to a joint IsDB-ILO Challenge Call aiming to build skills required for green jobs and promote youth participation in a just transition to a green economy.

  4. News

    ILO participates at the Global Lifelong Learning Summit 2022

    10 November 2022

    ILO SKILLS participates in Singapore’s Global Lifelong Learning Summit 2022 with a workshop on “Micro-credentials: Promoting lifelong learning and careers”.

  5. Event

    COP27 Event – How can we green skills for a just transition?

  6. Jobs and career guidance

    First Global Careers Month to highlight importance of investing in career guidance

    08 November 2022

    The Inter-Agency Career Guidance Working Group (IAG CGWG) has launched the first Global Careers Month, which will run from 8 November to 13 December.

  7. Event

    COP27 Event - Check your skills readiness for a just transition

    Do you want to know how ready you are for a just transition? The ILO, European Training Foundation (ETF) and LinkedIn will host a two-way knowledge exchange session through a panel session which will be followed by a small competition on finding creative solutions for greening jobs and skills for a just transition. The session will focus on discussing how the world of work is transitioning towards a greener economy, what jobs and skills are most in demand, how education and training, particularly TVET plays a crucial role in the transition and how countries are preparing their current and future workforce for the green transition. It is expected to expand the collective knowledge and build community of ideas on the green and just transition with skills perspective while triggering new thoughts and discover innovative solutions for greening jobs and skills for a just transition. The winners of the competition will receive a package of souvenirs.

October 2022

  1. Event

    Capacity Building Study Tour to the UK for Skills for Prosperity Polytechnics

    A Study Tour to the UK is conducted to allow four polytechnic partners to spend two weeks at their corresponding partner institutions, with intensive programmes designed to provide intensive institutional knowledge sharing.