Sectoral Policies Department (SECTOR)

The Sectoral Policies Department (SECTOR) promotes decent work by addressing social and labour issues in specific economic sectors, both at international and national levels. By tackling challenges and development issues of great importance for specific sectors, the International Labour Organization (ILO) assists governments, employers and workers to develop policies and programmes aimed at enhancing economic opportunities and improving working conditions in each sector.

Over the years, SECTOR has implemented a number of national activities at industry level. Social dialogue is at the heart of sectoral work - but all other pillars of the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda – employment creation, labour rights and social protection – have also been addressed as a result of SECTOR’s cross-cutting nature.   Read more

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Sectoral policies have a long history since ILO’s foundation in 1919. The ILO has been promoting decent work in each specific economic sector through consensus building, knowledge development, capacity development, and policy coherence. Such sectoral approach is expected to become even more relevant in the context of the Future of Work.