Social and labour issues in small-scale mines. Report TMSSM/1999

Report for discussion at the Tripartite Meeting on Social and Labour Issues in Small-scale mines, TMSSM/1999

Meeting document | 13 October 1999
The social and economic impact of small-scale mining is far from small. Up to 13 million people work in small-scale mines, producing 15-20 per cent of the world’s non-fuel minerals. As many as 80-100 million people depend on the often scant proceeds of small-scale mining for their livelihood. This report, which includes much new data on small-scale mining, starts by putting it in context in terms of production and employment. Subsequent chapters on occupational health and safety, women in mining and child labour illustrate some of the problems that exist and are being dealt with. Chapters on legislation, the links between large and small mines and assistance from IGOs give examples on how some of the issues are being and might be addressed. The report concludes with a summary and some suggested points for discussion that were addressed during the meeting and reported on in the Note on proceedings.