Seminar on Sustainable Development in Postal Services in African countries

Organized by the Universal Postal Union, Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) and La Poste (France), in cooperation with UNI Global Union and the ILO (Yaoundé and SECTOR).

The seminar showed how sustainable development can foster performance and innovation; exchanged good practices on sustainable development and decent work; facilitated and strengthened local discussions on challenges and innovative practices relating to sustainable development, and identified possible local synergies; identified actions able to be carried out in the region, within the resources available and taking account of local legislation and cultures; and prepared an action plan regarding the region's commitment to sustainable development and determining the actions to be taken within a specific timeframe. The ILO Yaoundé Office and SECTOR organized part of the three-day seminar on environmental and economic issues, gender equality, social dialogue, HIV/AIDS and the world of work, and mainstreaming employment and decent work in postal services in Africa. This consisted of ILO presentations and subsequent group work on the topics of Gender equality at the heart of decent work, HIV/AIDS and the workplace, Decent Work, and Social Dialogue.


Senior executives from the postal services of 20 African countries, as well as participants from UNI Global Union.