Joint ILO/IMO Working Group on Medical Fitness Examinations of Seafarers and Ships’ Medicine Chests (October 2010)

The purpose of the preparatory meeting was to pave the way for the

(a) preparation and adoption of revised guidelines on the medical examination of seafarers leading to the issue of medical certificates, pursuant to the relevant requirements set out in the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 and the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping, 1978, as amended; and

(b) revision of the guidance relating to the ships' medicine chests, especially as regards quantities of equipment and supplies, so as to complete information contained in the latest edition of the International Medical Guide for Ships and facilitate compliance with the requirements of the relevant international Conventions.
The purpose of the Meeting of Experts is to adopt policy guidelines for the promotion of sustainable livelihoods targeting agro-food sectors. The tool will build the capacity of constituents to work on decent work issues at the national level, focusing on rural livelihoods and the agricultural base on which they predominantly depend.

It will also inform ILO input into the United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Task Force on Global Food Security and other UN agencies working on sustainable agriculture and food security discussions.