The Sectoral Activities Department is the ILO’s repository of knowledge on sector-specific labour and social issues. Research and studies conducted, in line with the ILO’s research policies, deal with emerging and priority issues of strong interest for ILO’s sectoral constituents.

Working Papers, vehicles for disseminating information on a range of topics related to the world of work and the evolution of social and labour policies and practices for a given sector, are regularly published and widely disseminated. Background reports and issues papers, which provide more in-depth analysis on specific issues, are also published for discussion at international tripartite meetings and global dialogue fora.


  1. Recent Issues Regarding Collective Bargaining and Conditions of Work in the Chemical Industry

    19 August 2011

    Working Paper 246

  2. International Year of Forests 2011: What about the labour aspects of forestry?

    16 August 2011

  3. Cross-cutting through Decent Work

    01 June 2011

  4. Strengthening social dialogue in the water supply sector: Study on the conditions and challenges affecting social dialogue in the water supply sector in the Philippines

    19 May 2011

    The lack of a reliable supply of electricity and access to clean, fresh drinking water creates exceptional daily stress on the lives of those living in the world’s poorer regions. The Sectoral Policies Department of the ILO commissioned this report as part of its Action Programme of the ILO on Strengthening Social Dialogue in the Utilities (water supply) sector, to examine the current state of the public utilities sectors in the Philippines, the challenges to be addressed, and the state of social dialogue in relation to reform measures. The report was validated in a workshop held in Batangas on 16–18 March 2011, with broad participation from the Government and the social partners.

  5. Guideline to undertake a comparative analysis of the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188) and national laws, regulations or other measures

    01 May 2011

  6. Food, Drink and Tobacco Country Profile - Indonesia

    01 January 2011

  7. Food, Drink and Tobacco Country Profile - Canada

    01 January 2011

  8. Food, Drink and Tobacco Country Profile - Mexico

    01 January 2011

  9. Food, Drink and Tobacco Country Profile - Brazil

    01 January 2011

  10. Food, Drink and Tobacco Country Profile - Argentina

    01 January 2011