Codes of practice and guidelines


  1. Framework guidelines for addressing workplace violence in the health sector

    01 January 2002


  1. Safety and health in the non-ferrous metals industries

    04 September 2001

    This code of practice provides practical guidelines for ensuring that the safety and health of all those involved in non-ferrous metals production, in large and small enterprises, are afforded the highest priority.


  1. Safety and health in forestry work

    01 January 1998

    The objective of this code is to protect workers from occupational safety and health hazards in forestry work and to prevent or reduce the incidence of illness or injury by providing practical guidelines.


  1. Safety and health in construction

    01 January 1992

    The objective of this code is to provide practical guidance on a legal, administrative, technical and educational framework for safety and health in the construction sector.


  1. Safety and health in opencast mines

    01 January 1991

    This code applies to any situation or operation involving occupational safety and health aspects in opencast mines, and calls for attention to be paid to them by the competent authorities with responsibility for safety and health and working conditions with regard to opencast mining.


  1. Safety and health in shipbuilding and ship repairing

    01 January 1974

    Monograph comprising a code of practice on occupational health and occupational safety in the shipbuilding and ship repairing industry - includes provisions for young workers and woman workers; covers protection against noise and climate, different kinds of protective equipment, etc.