Policy guidelines for the promotion of decent work in the agri-food sector

Meeting of Experts on Decent Work in the Agri-food Sector: An Essential Part of Sustainable Food Systems (Geneva, 8–12 May 2023)

Guidelines | 31 May 2023
This document provides guidance for ILO constituents and other stakeholders engaged in the design and implementation of policies and measures on decent work in the agri-food sector as an essential part of efforts aimed at building sustainable food systems. It sets out common principles and the policy framework that should guide action to achieve decent work in the agri-food sector. Given the vast scope and complexity of the subject, such actions are many and diverse. The guidelines recognize the need for an integrated and coordinated approach at various levels (international, national, sectoral, local, and enterprise) and for the involvement of a wide range of actors.

The policy guidelines are structured around five chapters. Chapter 1 sets out the scope of the guidelines and identifies the intended users, while subsequent chapters cover the four pillars of the Decent Work Agenda. Chapter 2 focuses on the rights at work, while Chapter 3 is on decent jobs and productive employment in the agri-food sector. Chapter 4 considers social and labour protection and Chapter 5 addresses social dialogue and tripartism.