Health Microinsurance Schemes. Monitoring and Evaluation Guide. Volume 2: Practical indications

Instructional material | 01 January 2007
A revised version of the French Guide de suivi et d'évaluation des systèmes de micro-assurance santé, tomes 1 et 2, mainly produced for French-speaking countries in Africa. This version is adapted to the reality of countries in East Africa and Asia. The guide has two objectives: to strengthen the capacity of managers to monitor and evaluate their health microinsurance schemes (HMIS); and to strengthen the capacity of technical and financial support agencies and private insurers to assess the viability and performance of the HMIS. It consists of two volumes. Part I of Volume 1 presents the main definitions and basic concepts. Part II deals with the subject of administrative and technical monitoring - based on the major functions of insurance management - as well as with budget and cash flow monitoring. Part III deals with evaluating the viability of health insurance viewed as a financial instrument, through the use of a series of quantitative and qualitative indicators. Part IV deals with evaluating the institutional viability of the HMIS. Part V offers some indications for assessing the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of an HMIS, merely providing some pointers to users interested in this kind of assessment.Volume 2 contains practical indications for completing tables and calculating indicators described in Volume 1.The guide was produced by the "Strategies and Tools against social Exclusion and Poverty" (STEP) programme of the Social Security Department of the ILO. The French version was jointly produced with the Centre International de Développement et de Recherche (CIDR). The English version was produced thanks to the financial support of the governments of Belgium, Flanders and Switzerland. It is based on the contribution of field practitioners and international experts and the collaboration of numerous actors involved in the development of health microinsurance schemes.