Training on ILO Social Security standards

The Social Protection Department provides training on international social security standards, in particular on ILO social security Conventions and Recommendations and on the implementation of national Social Protection Floors through legal frameworks.

For this purpose the Department provides training courses in ILO member States for government officials as well as social partners (employers’ and workers’ organizations), and other stakeholders, aiming at a better understanding of social security standards and their practical application and implementation at the national level in the establishment, development and maintenance of social security systems. For the countries that ratify these Conventions, training on reporting is also available.

Furthermore, the Department contributes to training and academic courses organized by the ILO’s International Training Center (Turin) and the Council of Europe. Partnerships with a number of academic institutions, notably the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands), and the University of Witwatersand (South Africa) also allow students to get acquainted with ILO social security standards and with the work of the ILO in the extension of social security.

All lectures, training courses and workshops are tailor-made, and can be provided on request.