Paraguay: National Employment Policy with Decent Work and Inclusive Economic Growth Presented

The activity was held in the presence of the Director of the ILO Office for the Southern Cone of Latin America, Fabio Bertranou and the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Carla Bacigalupo.

Noticia | 6 de mayo de 2022
Asunción, Paraguay - With the support of the ILO and under the leadership of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Paraguay (MTESS), the National Employment Plan 2022-2026 was presented, the product of a roadmap initiated before the COVID-19 pandemic and readapted to the changing context generated by the crisis.

The instrument, approved by Decree 7029 of May 3, 2022, aims to foster decent work by promoting policies and actions that contribute to the reactivation and inclusive and sustained economic growth. It also presents a diagnosis of the employment situation, considering macroeconomic factors and the structure of the Paraguayan productive fabric, and also analyzing demographic and labour market factors.

The Director of the ILO Office for the Southern Cone of Latin America, Fabio Bertranou, participated in the event and emphasized that the ILO has been promoting the design of strategies to ensure that no one is left behind in the economic recovery, based on social dialogue. "The ILO welcomes the fact that Paraguay is one of the first countries in the region to have a National Employment Plan drawn up in consultation and with the participation of all the actors in the world of work," Bertranou said.

For her part, the Minister of MTESS, Carla Bacigalupo, added that "The pandemic has prompted us to redouble our efforts to protect jobs and, above all, to adopt, develop and implement strategies and actions aimed at expanding opportunities for Paraguayans to access decent employment. Therefore, this plan is presented as a roadmap adapted to the current situation".

The ILO has collaborated in the design of this policy instrument through the exchange of good practices, the technical cooperation of specialists and the facilitation of consultation processes. The instrument will help consolidate and coordinate public policies and its implementation will be crucial in the current situation of employment reactivation and for an economic recovery inspired by and based on decent work.

The National Employment Plan has had the support and contributions of employers' and workers' organizations, as well as other governmental portfolios and institutions, under the leadership of the MTESS, within the framework of social dialogue, thus constituting the main basis of legitimacy for its expected implementation. This consensus will be able promote the National Employment Plan as a state policy: a pact between institutional and social actors that transcends government periods and contributes, with a long-term vision, to the National Development Plan 2030 and the Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, to which the Republic of Paraguay has adhered.

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