Safety and Health in Myanmar Supply chains - A Vision Zero Fund project

The VZF Myanmar project strives to realize the goal of zero work-related fatalities and severe injuries and diseases, by improving occupational safety and health practices and conditions in the garment and agro-food processing supply chains.

The objective of the Vision Zero Fund (VZF) project in Myanmar is to enhance prevention, protection, and compensation of work-related injuries, diseases, and deaths in industries operating in global supply chains.

The project will first assess occupational safety and health issues in two global supply chains, namely garment and agro-food processing, and design interventions to address these issues. Once these interventions are designed and agreed upon with all stakeholders, the VZF project will implement them.

In addition, VZF will work at policy level to strengthen institutional frameworks and systems of occupational safety and health, and social security. VZF will then support policy implementation within selected global supply chains.