Occupational Safety and Health
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Occupational Safety and Health

Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development: Practical approaches for improving safety, health and working conditions in agriculture

  1. Global manual
  2. Global action guide
This high profile knowledge product identifies the main laws governing OSH in the ILO Member States. Its classification structure is based on a comprehensive set of 11 themes, which follow key ILO standards.
Turin School of Development

A one-year programme in English from the University of Turin, Italy, in partnership with the International Training Centre (ITC) of the ILO.

Training package
It also provides inputs for the drawing up of a National OSH Policy and of a National OSH Profile. It contains five modules, one for the trainer and four for trainees.
This manual aims at reviewing workplace stress issues. It includes 50 easy-to-apply checkpoints for identifying stressors in working life and mitigating their harmful effects.
This guide aims to help employers, workers and their representatives assess safety and health risks in the workplace.
Training package
for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Owners, managers, workers, and service providers can themselves improve workplace OSH conditions for the benefit of all.
This guide takes you through all the steps required to formulate a national programme on OSH.
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11-12 November, ILO International Training Centre (ITC), Turin, Italy
The main objective of the meeting was to review and modernize the terms and conditions governing the participation of agencies, institutions and organizations in the CIS network.


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Decent work is safe work

Since 1919, the ILO has sought to minimize risk in the workplace, as well as promote safe working practices and a culture of prevention.
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