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Occupational Safety and Health

© Issouf Sanogo / AFP 2014
Joint WHO/ILO briefing note for workers and employers
This briefing note is based on the existing WHO and ILO guides and recommendations for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) at the time of the publication. It will be updated as new information and recommendations become available.
© Gerardo Pesantez / World Bank 2014
G20 Labour and Employment Ministers meeting
Every year, almost 1.3 million people die from a work-related disease in the G20 countries and about 221,000 suffer a fatal occupational accident.
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Mineworkers face a constantly changing combination of workplace circumstances. In most countries, mining remains one of the most hazardous occupations.
  1.  Occupational safety and health in other sectors and industries 
This high profile knowledge product identifies the main laws governing OSH in the ILO Member States. Its classification structure is based on a comprehensive set of 11 themes, which follow key ILO standards.
© Munir Uz Zaman / AFP 2014
Rana Plaza: Never again
One year after the global garment industry's worst-ever industrial accident, the ILO together with the government, employers, trade unions and the international community are working together to make sure it never happens again.
Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development: Practical approaches for improving safety, health and working conditions in agriculture

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  1. Press release

    ILO: Good safety is good business

    23 September 2014

  2. 7th China International Forum on Work Safety

    ILO Deputy Director-General's address to the International Forum on Work Safety

    23 September 2014

  3. G20 Labour and Employment Ministers meeting - Melbourne

    ILO Director-General welcomes G20's ambitious commitments to promote decent jobs

    11 September 2014


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XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

  1. Report from the ILO
    25 August 2014, Frankfurt

    Highlights of the address delivered by the ILO Director-General

   28 April

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