Safety and health are human rights

Prevention through pictures in construction

The objective of this booklet is to raise awareness and promote safety and health in the construction industry.

Aiming at a wide use by workers all over the world (including migrant workers who are often seen on construction sites), this booklet was prepared, as much as possible, without the use of words but using illustrations to convey a message. Safety and health messages are shown by a pair of illustrations: situations to be improved opposed to good practices.

It covers about 50 common scenarios on construction sites in line with the ILO "Code of Practice on Safety and Health in Construction" (1992). These practical and easy-to- understand guidelines can be applied at any workplaces, regardless of the size of the workplace and of the language(s) used.

The pictures are grouped around several topics: general duties of stakeholders, safety of workplaces, scaffolds and ladders, lifting equipment and accessories, earth-moving & road-works equipment, work at height, excavations and underground works, concrete-related works, electricity, health, personal protective equipment, information and training.

The development of the booklet was proposed by the International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in the Construction Industry based on its successful similar booklet "Pictures for Prevention" (2009).
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    • Створення індивідуальних контрольних списків (чеклістів), пріоритизація контрольних точок (орієнтирів) та додавання нотаток
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