World Day for Safety and Health at Work - 28 April

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    Workplace Stress: a collective challenge


  1. CNN Interviews Juan Somavia During Rescue of Chilean Miners

    13 October 2010

    CNN's Richard Quest interviews Juan Somavia, the ILO's Director-General and former Chilean ambassador to the United Nations, about the rescue of the Chilean miners and the hazards of working in the mining industry.

  2. ILO Director-General Juan Somavia highlights the courage of the 33 Chilean miners

    13 October 2010

    With the rescue team still at work, ILO Director General Juan Somavia spoke with ILO TV and emphasized the strength and courage of the 33 trapped Chilean miners, their families and the Chilean people who together made possible what seemed so impossible.

  3. Occupational Health for Health Workers: An Interview with Julia Lear

    06 July 2010

    ILO TV interviews Julia Lear, Health Services Specialist in the ILO's Sectoral Activities Department about a joint ILO and WHO tripartite experts meeting on HIV, TB and other occupational health issues for health workers.

  4. HIV/AIDS and Health Care Workers: An Interview with Anna Torriente

    05 July 2010

    ILO TV interviews ILOAIDS Senior Legal Officer Anna Torriente about health care workplaces and HIV/AIDS in light of a new international labour standard on HIV/AIDS in the world of work. The ILO and WHO are to hold a joint tripartite experts meeting on HIV, TB & other occupational health for health workers, which will include a discussion on the ILO labour standard.

  5. Video message from Seiji Machida, Director of the Programme on Safety and Health at Work and the Environment

    26 April 2010

    Video message from Seiji Machida, Director of the Programme on Safety and Health at Work and the Environment, on the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, 28 April 2010

  6. WIND of Change

    05 February 2010

    More than one billion people worldwide earn their income from agriculture, working steadily to increase productivity and their standard of living. But farming brings risks that can undermine or even eliminate the gains hard won in the fields. From manual labour to machines, dangerous chemicals and unsanitary workplaces: farming families struggle with dangers at work and at home every day, but there's a WIND of change coming, as ILO TV reports.

  7. Public Private Partnerships for Decent Work

    16 November 2009

    The ILO works with companies and foundations to tackle important global labour market issues; to support sustainable enterprises and entrepreneurs; to enhance value in supply chains; to promote social protection; and to resolve specific problems in the world of work. This film shows examples of ILO partnerships with FIFA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Michelin, the Haitian garment industry, and the supermarket chain Superspar.

  8. Never Abandon, Never Give Up

    22 July 2009

    The ILO project has developed a range of behaviour change communication materials including a short, Charlie Chaplin style film to encourage stigma reduction and condom promotion. The film "Never Abandon, Never Give Up" stars leading Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang, himself a former migrant construction worker in Beijing. The film tells the story of a famous actor who visits his "hometown fellow" who has HIV and is facing isolation from his coworkers.

  9. Video message of Dr Sameera Al-Tuwaijri on the 5th edition of the Encyclopaedia

    21 May 2009

  10. Building a Safety and Health Culture in India’s Construction Sector

    18 May 2009

    In India’s construction sites, women are doing much of the unskilled heavy work. Effective training can give them a chance to overcome dangerous work practices and provide opportunities to secure skilled, better paying jobs that improve the quality of their lives.