50th meeting of the CIS network

The main objective of the event consisted of strengthening dialogue and collaboration between organizations actively engaged in generating, disseminating and using knowledge and information in safety and health at work.

The meeting had the following three specific objectives:
  • Exchange views on the roles, strategies, objectives and networking arrangements of CIS.
  • Identify innovative products and services to develop on the basis of more effective institutional collaboration.
  • Discuss possible international cooperation arrangements building on regional proximity, language, capacity development needs, and subject matter priorities.
The programme was built around five distinct sessions held on two days. In addition to introducing the proposed orientation and strategic development of CIS, the first day was an opportunity to hear from initiatives, successes and challenges of existing regional networks. The second day primarily aimed at exploring practical ways to facilitate and strengthen collaboration and cooperation with and among the members of the CIS network of OSH institutions, notably through identifying possible joint network products of common interest in relation to information services, research, education and publications.