National profiles on occupational safety and health

The national profile summarizes the existing national situation on occupational safety and health (OSH). It identifies, amongst other matters, the relevant legislation, the infrastructure and resources and the current national situation with regard to occupational accidents and diseases. Analyzing this information identifies strengths and weaknesses that can be addressed by well-designed national programmes on OSH, thereby progressively and continually improving, with regards to OSH, the working environment.

Resource list | 23 February 2015
The OSH profile is an essential initial step in the process of building an effective national OSH programme. It is a key tool in the application of a systems management approach to OSH. The profile can be used not only as a basis for identifying priorities for action but also, through its periodic updating, as a tool for measuring progress over time. Part IV of the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Recommendation, 2006 (No. 197) includes a detailed list of the elements that should be covered in the national profile. 


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