International Labour Conference

ILO: Italy elected President of the governmental group

Italy has been elected president of the Governmental Group of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for 2014/2015.

Press release | 13 June 2014
This is the first time that Italy will shoulder that responsibility. Embassy Counsellor Marilina Armellin of the Italian Permanent Mission to the UN will coordinate the positions and act as spokesperson for the Organization’s 185 member governments in a delicate phase in which strengthening of the oversight system is to be discussed.

Italy in the ILO

This is an important acknowledgement for Italy, which promotes our society’s founding values of social justice and dialogue within the Organization. Italy became a member in 1919 as a founder country (the Constitution of the Organization is part of the Peace Treaty after the First World War) and an office was opened in Rome in 1920. In 1937 Italy left the Society of Nations and the Organization, to re-enter in 1945. In 1964 the ILO International Training Centre of Turin began its activities, in collaboration with the Italian government and the City of Turin, in the area where the centennial of Italian national unity was celebrated. In 1993 the Minister of Labour set up a tripartite consultative committee for Italy’s participation in the ILO. To date, Italy has ratified 111 international conventions.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs