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World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization


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Mexico 8 October 2002 (National Dialogue)

    Mr. Carlos Abascal, Minister of Labour, opened the meeting, which was organized jointly by the ILO Office in Mexico and the Colegio of Mexico, a reputed academic centre specialized in social sciences and international affairs.

The one-day dialogue assembled 40 invited participants: high-level government, business and labour leaders, as well as representatives from civil society organizations, research institutions and the UN system. Participants characterized the Mexican experience of globalization as:

• An economy that is transforming rapidly as a result of the NAFTA
• A country in political transition
• Over half the population is impoverished
• Extreme inequality is a feature in Latin America that has worsened as the new poverty arises in Mexico and elsewhere.


Program - PDF

Report of the meeting - PDF

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