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World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization

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Egypt 21-22 December 2002 (National Dialogue)

    The two-day Dialogue was structured into three working sessions: Perceptions and Values of Globalization; Its Positive and Negative Consequences; and Facing Up to Globalization. An issues paper was presented to each session by its author, on which two discussants commented. The 97 participants included Members of Parliament, public figures, academics, representatives of ministries, employers', workers', and non-governmental oranizations; 57 journalists also attended part or all of the Dialogue. In the opening session, keynote addresses were delivered by Speaker Sorour of the People's Assembly and Mr. Ahmed El-Amawy, Manpower and Migration.


Report of the meeting - PDF

Programme - PDF

Statement by Dr. Fathi Sorour - PDF

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