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World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization

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Bangkok 16-17 December 2002 (Regional Dialogue)

    The Asian Regional Dialogue assembled some 50 participants, including parliamentarians, high level government officials, business and trade union leaders, academia, civil society representatives. Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, President Tarja Halonen, Bill Brett, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz attended from the Dialogue representing the World Commission.

The four most prominent issues emerged from the dialogue were: 1) Migration - internal and cross boarder; 2) Employment -rural, informal and formal; 3) Participation in decision making; 4) Maintenance of diversity of culture.

There were many calls for help for the weak and minorities and a strong desire for social safety nets to be provided by the governments. The impact of globalization was frequently mentioned but views of its contributions varied widely. There was agreement on the need for employment creation, particularly in the informal sector and for rural migrants.

Much attention was paid in financial crisis and its social consequences, as well as to the trade issues. Views were also expressed on the technological, migration and environmental aspects of globalization.


Report of the meeting - PDF

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