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Vocational Training: an interview with Charles Fadel

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La formation professionnelle : interview avec Ladji Tiama
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Resource guide on the education sector

Select to magnify the image "Education provides basic literacy, numeracy and initial learning skills to most or all of a country’s population, and imparts higher levels of knowledge, learning abilities and life skills to a relatively large part of the population in most countries. It also serves as a socializing institution, and passes along cultural, political and moral values essential for democratic and socially cohesive societies. The main providers of education are public and private sector teachers supported by administrative and support personnel in national education systems. A sufficient quantity of highly-trained, qualified teachers, paid well and working in effective teaching and learning conditions and professionally supported to carry out their tasks constitutes the single most important factor in educational success."

ILO Sectoral Activities Departement: Education sector

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Find information on the education sector through Labordoc

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