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About Labordoc

Labordoc is your access to literature on the world of work. Produced and maintained by a network of 28 ILO libraries around the world, Labordoc covers all aspects of work and sustainable livelihoods and the work-related aspects of economic and social development, human rights and technological change. Labordoc includes all publications by the ILO, whether published in electronic or print format, Geneva or in the field, since 1919 and in all languages.

Labordoc differs from other library catalogues in that it allows you to search within collections. Collections can be by publisher (ILO publications), by format (books), by topic (economic crisis) or by library location (ILO Bangkok). For instance, you can select to search only journal articles published by the ILO.

Another feature of Labordoc is the fulltext search. In addition to searching on bibliographic references or descriptions of documents, you can also search for words within the full texts of pdfs.

For help finding what you need, see the Labordoc Search tips or Ask a Librarian.

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