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90th Session, 3 - 20 June 2002

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Reports and documents submitted to the Conference

Report I A
Report of the Director-General: ILO programme implementation 2000-01

ISBN 92-2-112417-7

Report of the Director-General - Appendix
Report on the situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories

(1.28 Mb)

ISBN 92-2-112426-6

Report I B
A Future Without Child Labour
Global report under the Follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

ISBN 92-2-112416-9








Report II
         Information concerning the Programme and Budget and other financial and administrative questions
         Financial Report and Audited Financial Statements for the Sixty-seventh Financial Period (2000-01)

ISBN 92-2-112418-5
 ISBN 92-2-112436-3

Report III (1A)
Report of the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations

ISBN 92-2-112419-3

Report III (1B)
General Survey of the reports concerning the Dock Work Convention (No. 137) and Recommendation (No. 145), 1973

ISBN 92-2-112420-7

Report III (Part 2)
List of Ratifications by Convention and by Country (as of December 2001)

APPLIS database

ISBN 92-2-112421-5

Promotion of cooperatives
-   Report IV (1)
-   Report IV (2A)  
-   Report IV (2B)  

ISBN 92-2-111954-8
ISBN 92-2-111955-6
ISBN 92-2-111956-0

Recording and notification of occupational accidents and diseases
-   Report V (1) (html version)
-   Report V (2A) (html version)
-   Report V (2B) (html version)

ISBN 92-2-112425-8
ISBN 92-2-112427-4
ISBN 92-2-012428-9

Decent work and the informal economy
-   Report VI

ISBN 92-2-112429-0

Withdrawal of 20 Recommendations
-   Report VII (1) (html version)
-   Report VII (2)

ISBN 92-2-112431-2
ISBN 92-2-112432-0

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