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Governing Body 

274th Session
Geneva, March 1999

Committee on Employment and Social Policy



Progress report on preparations for the
Second ILO Enterprise Forum

1. Since the Committee was unable to examine the progress report on preparations for the Second ILO Enterprise Forum(1)  at the Governing Body's previous session, the present report will briefly review developments since March 1998.

2. Three working group sessions have been held with representatives of the Workers' and Employers' groups, the Bureaux for Employers' and Workers' Activities (ACT/EMP and ACTRAV) and the Enterprise and Cooperative Development Department (ENTREPRISE). The discussions have taken place in a positive and constructive atmosphere and have confirmed the conference structure discussed by the Committee in March 1998. The Committee has also entered into the development of a range of practical arrangements for the Forum, including the identification of candidates for keynote speakers as well as resource persons and case-studies which would be likely to create an effective and stimulating programme around the various themes set out in the concept paper, which was supported by the Committee in March 1998. The working group has made good progress in identifying several prominent resource persons. While many of the specific suggestions for keynote speakers, resource people and case-studies are still being looked into, the Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General has agreed that the Secretary-General will provide an opening statement.

3. Arrangements for the Forum have been confirmed and discussions have also continued with regard to ensuring the adequate participation of representatives of constituents.

4. Efforts to distribute widely information about the Second ILO Forum concept and major themes have begun within the Office and will form the basis of detailed discussions concerning the involvement of other technical departments in the further development of specific themes and technical papers, the identification of resource inputs and other preparatory activities. In line with the First ILO Enterprise Forum, particularly close collaboration with the International Institute for Labour Studies will be continued.

5. In order to secure a wide range of inputs to the Forum, constituents and other participant groups are invited to submit articles, research findings and other materials on the main topics covered by the major Forum sessions:

6. In an effort to reserve the dates in the international calendar of major meetings, a letter has been sent to all heads of international organizations notifying them of the dates and the themes of the Forum. Furthermore, a website has been established for the Second ILO Enterprise Forum which is being continuously updated and allows registration over the Internet.(2)  Information will be sent in late March to notify potential participants in the business community, ILO constituents and other concerned organizations and individuals of the timing and major themes of the Forum. This is the first step in an effort to disseminate information widely about the Forum using direct mailing, the Internet and other appropriate channels.

Geneva, 16 February 1999.

1. GB.273/ESP/2.


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