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273rd Session
Geneva, November 1998

Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee



Amendments to the Staff Regulations

Amendments approved by the Director-General

1. In accordance with a decision taken by the Governing Body at its 192nd Session (February-March 1974), the Director-General reports to the Governing Body in November each year on the amendments he has approved during the preceding 12 months under the authority delegated to him.

2. The Director-General hereby informs the Governing Body of the amendments to the Staff Regulations which he approved under the authority conferred on him by the Governing Body at its 270th Session (November 1997)(1) "to give effect in the ILO, through appropriate amendments to the Staff Regulations, to the measures" recommended by the International Civil Service Commission (concerning net salary scales and staff assessment for staff in the Professional and higher categories) "subject to their approval by the General Assembly".

Article 3.1 (Salary scales)

Salary scales for officials in the Professional category and above

3. The Staff Regulations were amended to introduce, as from 1 March 1998, the new salary scales and staff assessment rates adopted by the General Assembly. The new scales represented an increase of 3.1 per cent in net (base) salaries, effected through consolidation of post adjustment in accordance with the "no gain- no loss" principle. This increase in the base salary scale entailed a proportional increase in the mobility, hardship and non-removal allowance.

4. The Director-General also wishes to inform the Governing Body of the following amendments to the Staff Regulations which he approved after consulting the Administrative Committee of the Office under the authority conferred on him by the Governing Body at its 192nd Session (February-March 1974).

Salary scales for General Service category officials in Geneva

5. Article 3.1 was also amended to reflect the interim adjustment of General Service category remuneration in Geneva. New salary scales were introduced with effect from 1 June 1998. The new scales, representing a net increase of 0.86 per cent, reflected a rise of the Geneva CPI of 0.96 per cent over the reference period 1 March 1997 to 1 March 1998. The new salary scales applied only to staff recruited on or after 1 December 1995, transitional arrangements remaining in force for staff recruited before that date.

Article 8.6
(Sick leave and family-related emergency leave)

6. The amendments to article 8.6 gave effect to the CCAQ's agreement to enable an official to take leave for unforeseen family-related emergencies as part of his/her current entitlement to a maximum of seven days' uncertified sick leave in any one calendar year. In line with the current provisions, an official will be able to take family-related emergency leave for no more than three consecutive days at a time without a medical certificate.

Article 9.2
(Travel of spouse and dependants)

7. The amendments to article 9.2 specified the minimum period of time -- two weeks -- during which the spouse and dependants of an official are expected to remain in the official's recognized home country during a period of home leave. These amendments corrected an anomaly which previously existed between an administrative instruction and provisions of the Staff Regulations.

8. The Committee was informed in November 1997 that the costs of the amendment to article 3.1 relating to the Professional category were covered by the provisions for staff costs in the Programme and Budget for 1998-99. The very marginal cost associated with the new General Service salary scales introduced in June 1998 is also covered by provisions made in the programme and budget. There are no financial implications of the amendments to articles 8.6 and 9.2 (paragraphs 6 and 7).

9. Following a decision taken by the Governing Body at its 244th Session (November 1989),(2) all the above-mentioned amendments were announced in Series 6 (Personnel) Circulars Nos. 584, 587 and 589, which were also distributed to the members of the Governing Body.

Geneva, 6 October 1998.

1. GB.270/PFA/14.

2. GB.244/PFA/8/15.

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