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273rd Session
Geneva, November 1998


Approval of the minutes of the 271st and 272nd Sessions
of the Governing Body

1. The draft minutes of the 271st and 272nd Sessions were circulated on 24 September 1998 with the request that any corrections that members might wish to have made should be forwarded to the Office by 12 noon on Friday, 13 November 1998.

2. The following corrections have been received:

Minutes of the 271st Session

Page II/10

In the fifth line, delete the phrase "In order to promote the rights of migrant workers".

In the eighth paragraph, the phrase "which did not deal with the follow-up mechanism" should be replaced by "on the understanding that the details of a possible follow-up mechanism would be worked out at a later stage".

Page IV/3

In the second line, the sentence should read as follows: "This should also be the case regarding reports on the Declaration: without going into detail on specific situations within any given country, ..."

Page VI/9

In the fourteenth line, between "would" and "similar", insert "support".

Geneva, 14 November 1998.

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