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Staff Union Committee Members

Mandate until 30 November 2010:

Mandate until 30 November 2011:

Field (Mandate until 30 September 2010)

Africa: Titular: Djibril Ndiaye [profile] 
Focal point
: Chantal Amine
Americas: Titular: Amalia Orozo de Cuba [profile]
Focal point : Gloria Moreno Fontes
Asia:    Titular: Chinda Saengcharnchai [profile]
Focal point : Shingo Miyake
Europe / Arab States: Titular: Eszter Szabo [profile]
Focal point : Annie Rice
Turin Centre Titular: Blerina Vila
 : Enrico Cairola [profile]

Union Stewards

Union Stewards at HQ

Staff Union Representatives in Field Offices

Officers of the Committee

Chairperson:   Christopher Land-Kazlauskas
1st Vice-Chair:      Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
2nd Vice-Chair:     Gloria Moreno Fontes
3rd Vice-Chair: Djibril Ndiaye (Dakar)
General Secretary:    Martine Humblet
Ass. General Secretary:   Annie Rice
Treasurer: Chantal Amine
Assistant Treasurer: Sylvain Delaprison


Communication Catherine Comte-Tiberghien, assisted by
Francoise Aumont & Azeddine Sefrioui
Field Shingo Miyake
Union Stewards Annie Rice
Sylvain Delaprison

Joint Bodies

Joint Negotiating Committee

Joint Chairperson: Christopher Land-Kazlauskas
Joint Secretary: Pierre Sayour

Martine Humblet
Gloria Moreno Fontes
Konstantinos Papadakis

Joint Advisory Council on Training

Joint Chairperson:     Christopher Land-Kazlauskas
Members:    Alexandre Petrachkov
Enrico Cairola
Patrick Taran

Working Group on the revision of the Collective Agreement on a Procedure for Recruitment and Selection

Christopher Land-Kazlauskas
Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
Marie-José Canonica
Gloria Moreno Fontes
Pierre Sayour
Nicolas Lopez (Technical Advisor)

Advisory Committee on Safety and Health (ACOSH)

Titular Member:     Annie Rice
Jim Windell
Substitute Member:    Catherine Comte-Tiberghien 

Working Groups and sub-committees

Recruitment and selection procedures

Titular Member:     Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
Substitute Members:    Pierre Sayour
Francoise Aumont
Carmen Bernales
Shingo Miyake
Annie Rice
Credit towards probation Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
Gloria Moreno Fontes

Legal Support Unit

Coordinator:     Martine Humblet
Assisted by:    Marie-José Canonica
Konstantinos Papadakis
Nicolas Lopez

Sub-committee on Social Security (Pensions, SHIF, HIV-AIDS)

Coordinator:     Chantal Amine
Members:    Sylvain Delaprison
Alexandre Petrachkov
Pierre Sayour
Xenia Scheil-Adlung
Francois Kientzler (Former Officials Section)

Precarious Work

Coordinator:     Gloria Moreno Fontes
Members:    Christopher Land-Kazlauskas
Shingo Miyake
Azeddine Sefrioui
Nicolas Lopez (Technical Advisor)

Titularization and Personal promotions

Coordinator:     Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
Members:    Shingo Miyake

Working Group on Work-Life Balance and Gender Issues

Coordinator:     Gloria Moreno Fontes
Members:    Konstantinos Papadakis
Patrick Taran
Laura Addati (Technical Advisor)
Jon Messenger (Technical Advisor)

International Relations / ICSC

Coordinator:     Christopher Land-Kazlauskas
Members:    Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
Enrico Cairola
Pierre Sayour
Shingo Miyake (UN reform)
Alexandre Petrachkov (General Service Salaries)
Annie Rice (Security)

IRIS “Users” Forum / FROTT

  Chantal Amine
Sylvain Delaprison


  Shingo Miyake
Pierre Sayour


Focal Point Annie Rice

Task force on greening the ILO

  Lene Olsen

Other Bodies

Editorial Board of UNION

Editor in Chief:     Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
Deputy Editor:     Oliver Lang
Editorial Secretary:     Robert Falaize (Former Officials' Section)
Members:    Charlotte Beauchamp
Andrew Dale
Patricia Isimat - Mirin
John Myers
Isabelle Porras
Simar Proust
Azeddine Sefrioui (SUC)
Richelle van Snellenberg

Staff Union Assistance Fund

Treasurer: Jim Windell
Members of the Board: Carmen Bernales
Nathalie Devaud-Dalibard
Gloria Moreno-Fontes
William Ratteree
Azeddine Sefrioui

Representatives of the participants of the Fund to the ILO Staff Pension Committee (UNJSPB) mandate 2010-2012

Titular Members:     Mostafa Boudiaf (Turin)
Pierre Sayour
Rosinda Silva
Substitute Members:   

Charles Crevier
Samir Koufane
Florian Léger

ILO-ITU Staff Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) mandate 2009-2011

Titular Members:     Chris Baron
Mireille Ecuvillon
Jean-François Santarelli
Substitute Members:    Chantal Amine
Philippe Marcadent
Xenia Scheil-Adlung


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