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The Section of Former Officials of the ILO

Departure on retirement, or a change of direction professionally, do not necessarily signify a definitive break with the ILO . It is perfectly normal for former officials of this Organization to which they have devoted years of their working life to want to keep up a connection with the “Office”; to desire to continue relations with former colleagues in a familiar environment; to wish to obtain (or provide) advice or assistance in solving any problem which may arise with the ILO administration, the Health Insurance fund, the Pension fund and even the national or local public authorities (conditions for residence in the country, fiscal policy , health, etc). In a word, for them to expect to maintain contacts and solid arity with their former colleagues and to have their rights and interests de fended. The Section of Former Officials of the ILO was created for that.

It has to be pointed out that by former official, all persons having worked for the Office during their
professional career.

In July 1940, those officials of the International Labour Office whose contracts had needed to be terminated or suspended on account of the state of war founded a Confraternity (Amicale) of Former ILO Officials to assist one another in resolving the innumerable problems presented by this brutal placing on unemployment.

After the war, the association founded by officials of the League of Nations united with the Confraternity of Former ILO Officials. In 1955, following a recommendation of the FICSA (Former International Civil Servants Association) which regarded as necessary the creation of an association rallying former officials of all international organizations, this Confraternity changed its statutes to unite with l’Association des anciens fonctionnaires internationaux/Association of Former International Civil Servants (AAFI-AFICS).

However, considering specific needs and problems of former officials of the different organizations having their headquarters in Geneva or other cities, the need was soon felt to get together in associations proper to each organisation.

In this spirit, in October 1985, a Section of Former Officials of the ILO was created within the
framework of the Staff Union with whom we continue to cooperate. Over the years, its example was
followed by former officials of WHO, ITU, WTO and CCI/ITC and others. A history of the Section was published in 2007 under the title: Former Officials’ Section, Origin and Aims, 1982 – 2006.

Make up of the Section of Former Officials of the ILO

It includes about 800 members, from all over the world. All ranks are represented therein, from the lowest to that of Director General.

The Bureau of the Section

The Bureau is composed of ten members elected for a period of two years by all members of the
Section. It is at present composed as follows: One Secretary; two Assistant Secretaries; one Treasurer, one Assistant Treasurer and five members. The Bureau of the Section normally meets on the first and the third Wednesday of the month to plan its activities and decide on the politics and measures to undertake for the defence of its members’ interests and to consider special cases submitted by former officials.

Communication with Former Officials

A bilingual publication, Message to Former ILO Officials appears twice a year; it contains abundant articles of interest to former international officials in general and those of the International Labour Office in particular. Our former colleagues are invited to contribute to the publication (information, news, remembrances, narratives, translations of articles, etc.). Furthermore, the Section publishes Information circulars on important subjects.

How to get in touch with us

The members of the Bureau of the Section remain at the disposal of anyone wishing to receive advice or assistance, in particular in solving problems regarding Swiss or French taxation (filling out of the first statement of income), assistance with the Pension Fund, the Health Insurance Fund and national social security systems, personal advice for administrative or financial difficulties, mainly regarding the choice of the third in capital.

On Tuesdays and Fridays there is a person on duty from 10 A.M. till noon. The Secretariat is open
on Tuesday mornings from 8:30 to 11:30 A.M. The Secretariat and the Conference Room of the
Section are situated on the 6 th floor, office 6-8, of the ILO Building.

Postal address : Section of former officials of the ILO (office 6-8) - CH 1211 Geneva 22.

Telephone :
(+4122) 799 64 23. Fax : (+4122) 799 82 71 - E-mail :

Who may join

Any person who has been employed by the ILO, whether at headquarters in Geneva or anywhere in the world, (all categories of officials, experts, locally engaged officials, consultants ...) whose contract expires (pensioners or persons having changed their employment).

All the officials still in function may become a supporting member.

Membership : it can be effected by means of a form and a postal money order available at the Secretariat ; or as well by a simple letter indicating the former official’s address and telephone number and his period(s) of employment with the ILO. To avoid cashing charges, you are advised to pay the subscription either by a transfer to the association’s bank account: IBAN CH 04 0078 8000 BCGECHGGXXX K 165 2835 2 at the Banque Cantonale de Genève, 17 quai de l’Ile, CH 1204, Geneva, or by a deposit to postal account N/ 17 - 35948 - 0 Geneva.

Membership fees : Life member: single payment of 300 Swiss Fr (50 Fr for local personnel in developing countries). Supporting members : 100 Swiss Fr (20.- Swiss Fr. for local personnel in developing countries), amount which will be deducted from the fee on application as life members.


Application for Membership:

Membership of the Bureau:

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