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ILOAT Reform

London Resolution


Considering that international civil servants, like any other citizen, are entitled to enjoy natural justice and inalienable standards of human rights

Considering that international civil servants do not have recourse to national courts to protect their rights arising from their employer-employee relations

Considering that the ILOAT and its predecessor were created to guarantee these rights for international civil servants

Considering that the Statute, Rules and Practices of the ILOAT do not guarantee all fundamental human rights

Considering that international organizations should ensure the rights of international civil servants to a full and fair application of justice

The undersigned, representing the staff associations/unions of those international organizations which have recognized the jurisdiction of the ILOAT, agree and declare as follows:

  • support the ILO Staff Union in its negotiations with the ILO administration of specific amendments to the Statute and Rules of the ILOAT to remedy these deficiencies and to guarantee the application of fundamental human rights and practices to international civil servants

  • note that the ILO Administration and ILO staff union have entered into a contractual obligation to conclude proposals for amendments to the Statute and Rules of the ILOAT before the end of September 2002, and to submit such proposals to the ILO Governing Body in November 2002 with the view to adoption of such amendments by the International Labour Conference in June 2003

  • call upon the ILO Conference, Governing Body, and Administration to consider and adopt without further delay proposals that have been and will be submitted to them, as a result of the negotiation process

  • call upon the ILO Staff Union, in concertation with the other unions/associations, and the Administration to continue these negotiations without delay so as to provide appropriate and comprehensive guarantees for the exercise of all the human rights of international civil servants, through the ILOAT if possible, or through any alternative options if the ILOAT is unable to provide such guarantees

Adopted on 28 September 2002, and signed ad referendum:





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