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The Staff Assistance Fund needs Your Help !


Any one of us could suddenly be confronted with the kind of difficulties that have forced various staff and family members to turn to their colleagues for help. In the words of the song, "there but for fortune go you or I".

The Board of the Staff Assistance Fund has evolved a set of criteria that enable it to assess as objectively as possible the degree of need created by the adversity that fate has chosen to inflict on our ILO sisters and brothers. Is the case one of genuine hardship or emergency? Is the sum requested reasonable under the circumstances? Has the person asked for help in the past? Is any kind of written evidence required? Is the need for a loan or for a gift? Have previous loans been repaid promptly?

New blood is required. Younger, more recently recruited officials must come into the Fund. And the chances are that this means you.

We've made it easy for you. Just fill in the form (PDF format) shown here, indicating how many parts per thousand of your net monthly salary you want deducted. As a rough guide, one part per thousand represents about 6 Swiss francs for a G-3 at headquarters and 9 Swiss francs for a P-3.. Then send us the form. If you're an idealist, you'll feel good knowing you've done the right thing. If you're a materialist, you'll tell yourself you've made an investment for the future. And if you're lucky, you may never need the help of the Staff Assistance Fund.


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