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Special Supplement

Special Supplement - The International Labour Review and the ILO: Milestones in a shared history

    As the ILO is approaching its 100th anniversary, so is the International Labour Review. By way of introduction to this retrospective Special Supplement, which reproduces a number of articles written for the Review by winners of the Nobel Peace Prize or the Nobel Prize for economics, the author looks back at the journal’s history, recalling its early days since the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, its subsequent development, broadening international readership and adaptation to the digital age.

Vol. 157 (2018), No. 4

  • Does climate action destroy jobs? An assessment of the employment implications of the 2-degree goal, by G. MONTT, K. S. WIEBE, M. HARSDORFF, M. SIMAS, A. BONNET and R. WOOD
  • Gendered costs of austerity: The effects of welfare regime and government policies on employment across the OECD, 2000–13, by S. KUSHI and I. P. McMANUS
  • Gender disparities in European labour markets: A comparison of conditions for men and women in paid employment, by R. CASTELLANO and A. ROCCA
  • When two worlds collude: Working from home and family functioning in Australia, by A. M. DOCKERY and S. BAWA
  • The role of internal migration in accessing a first job: A case study of Uganda, by D. BOUTIN
  • Measuring the impact of an organizational inclusion programme on absence among employees with disabilities: A quasi-experimental design, by C. FOLGUERA-I-BELLMUNT, X. FERNÁNDEZ-I-MARÍN and J. M. BATISTA-FOGUET
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of labour provisions in trade agreements: An analytical and methodological framework, by J. AISSI, R. PEELS and D. SAMAAN

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