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Special Supplement

Special Supplement - The International Labour Review and the ILO: Milestones in a shared history

    As the ILO is approaching its 100th anniversary, so is the International Labour Review. By way of introduction to this retrospective Special Supplement, which reproduces a number of articles written for the Review by winners of the Nobel Peace Prize or the Nobel Prize for economics, the author looks back at the journalís history, recalling its early days since the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, its subsequent development, broadening international readership and adaptation to the digital age.

Vol. 156 (2017), No. 3-4

  • An emerging transnational industrial relations? Exploring the prospects for cross-border labour bargaining, by U. LUTERBACHER, A. PROSSER and K. PAPADAKIS
  • Positive class compromise in globalized production? The Freedom of Association Protocol in the Indonesian sportswear industry, by K. SIEGMANN, J. MERK and P. KNORRINGA
  • Is social partnership the way forward for Indian trade unions? Evidence from public services, by V. BADIGANNAVAR
  • Employment regulation, game theory and weak employee voice in liberal economies, by T. DOBBINS, T. DUNDON, N. CULLINANE, E. HICKLAND and J. DONAGHEY
  • The relationship between youth employment and older personsí employment in 20 OECD countries, by E. JI
  • Can welfare and labour market regimes explain cross-country differences in the unemployment of young people? by D. TAMESBERGER
  • The scars of youth: Effects of early-career unemployment on future unemployment experience, by A. SCHMILLEN and M. UMKEHRER
  • The relationship between employer-provided training and the retention of older workers: Evidence from Germany, by P. BERG, M. HAMMAN, M. PISZCZEK and C. RUHM
  • The effects of under-skilling on need for recovery, losing employment and retirement intentions among older office workers: A prospective cohort study, by F. GOMMANS, N. JANSEN, D. STYNEN, I. KANT and A. de GRIP

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