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Know About Business

The Know about Business training package is a new component that was developed jointly by the ILO International Training Center and In Focus Programme for SKILLS Development of the ILO.

KAB aims at creating awareness of entrepreneurship and self-employment as a career option, particularly for trainees in vocational and technical training institutions. It provides knowledge of the required attributes and challenges for starting and operating a successful business.

Starting in 2002, this component was introduced in CIS in the framework of the project "Youth and Adult Entrepreneurship Education in Central Asia".

ILO’s "Know About Business Programme" Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational and Technical Training

Strategic objectives:

  • Employment promotion among young people;
  • Enable young people to choose entrepreneurship or self-employment as a career option;
  • Develop positive attitudes towards enterprise and self-employment;
  • Create business culture.

Specific objectives:

  • Create awareness of enterprise and self-employment as a career option for beneficiaries in vocational and training institutions;
  • Provide knowledge and practice of the required attributes and challenges for starting and operating successful enterprise, particularly a small business;
  • Prepare beneficiaries to work productively in small and medium-sized enterprises and more generally for an environment in which formal, full time wage employment may be scarce or unavailable.

Target groups:

Final beneficiaries:

  • Trainees/Students.

Direct beneficiaries::

  • Trainers'/Teachers in vocational and technical training institutions;
  • Professional staff of technical co-operation projects with responsibility for introducing/implementing enterprise education;
  • Policy-makers and other officials of government ministries or departments with responcibility for vocational education and technical training.

Target groups:
Trainer Handbook
Module 1. What is enterprise?
Module 2. Why is entrepreneurship?
Module 3. Who are entrepreneur?
Module 4. How do I become an entrepreneur?
Module 5. How do I find a good business idea?
Module 6. How do I organize an enterprise?
Module 7. How do I operate the enterprise?
Module 8. What are the next steps to become an entrepreneur?
Business Plan
Trainee’s Handbook

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