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8th European Regional Meeting

When9-13 February 2009
WhereLisbon, Portugal
TypeRegional Meeting
Organized by ILO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia
Contacts Ms. Petra Ulshoefer, Regional Director (in Geneva)
E-mail:, Tel: +41 22 799 6551
Ms. Cheryl Wright, Executive Secretary (in Geneva)
E-mail:, Tel: +41 22 799 6666
Mr. Paulo Bárcia, Director, ILO Portugal Country Office (in Lisbon)
E-mail:, Tel: +35 121 317 34 40

At four-yearly intervals, the European Regional Meeting brings together the political, economic and social actors from the countries of the region. This Eighth Meeting will focus particularly on the themes taken up in the report of the Director-general.

Policy responses to the economic crisis The global financial and economic crisis will doubtless make the context for decent work in Europe and Central Asia more difficult. An update on the latest developments regarding the financial and economic crisis in the region together with a review of the policy packages applied by different countries to mitigate its adverse impact as well as the ILO's policy recommendations is available below:

Report of the Director-General

The Report of the Director-General to the Eighth European Regional Meeting consists of two volumes. Volume I is entitled Delivering decent work in Europe and Central Asia and is divided into two parts. Part 1 provides an overview of recent world of work trends in the region. Part 2 contains seven background thematic chapters. Volume II is entitled Towards decent work outcomes: A review of ILO work for 2005–08.

Report of the Director-General: Volume I

Volume I

The National Reports on Decent Work of the countries listed below provided valuable background information in the preparation of the Director-General's Report, Volume I, Parts 1 and 2. These Country Reports have NOT been edited. The opinions expressed in these reports rest soley with their authors, and do not constitute an endorsement by the International Labour Office of the opinions expressed in them.

Austria - (pdf 1,04 MB), Bulgaria - (pdf 518 KB), Croatia - (pdf 1,29 MB), Czech Republic - (pdf 940 KB), Estonia - (pdf 733 KB), France - (pdf 590 KB), Germany - (pdf 604 KB), Italy - (pdf 893 KB), Macedonia - (pdf 475 KB), Netherlands - (pdf 398 KB), Poland - (pdf 711 KB), Russian Federation - (pdf 1,04 MB), Russian Federation (Annex) - (pdf 4,07 MB), Sweden - (pdf 461 KB), Turkey - (pdf 790 KB), United Kingdom - (pdf 606 KB), Ukraine - (pdf 420 KB), Ukraine (Annex) - (pdf 355 KB)

Report of the Director-General: Volume II

Volume II

Fact sheets

Fact sheets

8th European Regional Meeting

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