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The ILO has coordinated a damage assessment of floods on jobs, livelihoods and enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. ILO assistance in the reconstruction
The ILO stands ready to provide continued support to ensure the safety of workers in line with international standards and to prevent future accidents.
A year ago, the ILO, the EU, Bangladesh and the United States signed a Compact to improve labour rights in the garment industry of Bangladesh.
At the high-level conference "The Youth Guarantee: Making it Happen", the Director-General of the ILO Guy Ryder praised the European Youth Guarantee.
Agreement targets work on improving labour standards in global supply chains, creating jobs for young people, eliminating the worst forms of child labour, and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples.
ILO Director-General Guy Ryder urges better national and international coordination on migration policy at the Global Forum for Migration and Development in Stockholm.
Les résultats de la 7ème édition du Baromètre OIT/DDD sur la perception des discriminations au travail ont été rendu publics ce lundi 3 février 2014. L'enquête, réalisée par l'institut IFOP, avait pour focus le ressenti des discriminations par les jeunes travailleurs.

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