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ILO and Japan

As one of original member countries of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Japan and the ILO have long-standing relationship dating back to 1919. Soon after its creation, ILO opened a branch office in Tokyo in November 1923. Although the office had been closed during the withdrawal of Japan from the ILO for the period of 1940-51, it has been reestablished soon after country's readmission to the organization.

Decent work is actively promoted by tripartite constituents in Japan to implement the Asian Decent Work Decade (2006-2015), launched by 14th Asian Regional Meeting held in Busan in 2006. To pave the way towards development of the Decent Work National Plan of Action, since 2007, activity plans towards realization of decent work in Japan have been jointly prepared by Japanese government, employer and worker members of the ILO Governing Body, ILO Office in Japan and the ILO Association of Japan, Inc., non-profit organization working to disseminate ILO values and principles in the country. Since 2007, activities of the ILO Office in Japan are guided by the Concept Note for Decent Work Country Programme in Japan, which has following five priorities:

  • Promotion for ratification of ILO Conventions by Japan
  • Assistance in realizing decent work in view of changing patterns of work
  • Assistance in promotion of social dialogue
  • Strengthening of resource mobilization and diversification of donors
  • Strengthening of information activities including through more knowledge-based reporting on Japan's labour and social trends and networking of experts

In addition to be the second largest contributor to the budget of the ILO, Japanese government is one of the major donors in providing extra-budgetary contribution to technical cooperation projects, total contribution for 2008 amounting to about US$67 million. Support to ILO projects are also provided by employers' and workers' organizations, research institutes, cooperative and businesses.

Japanese government holds one of ten permanent seats in the ILO Governing Body. Current membership of the Governing Body also includes Japanese members in both employers' and workers' groups. To date, Japan has ratified 48 ILO Conventions, latest of which is the ratification of Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 2006 (No. 187) on 24 July 2007.

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