International Labour Organization
South-East Asia and the Pacific Multidisciplinary Advisory Team

ILO/SEAPAT's OnLine Gender Learning & Information Module

Unit 3: How to mainstream gender in ILO operations

Gender analysis in technical co-operation projects

Tool: ILO’s Checklist of Gender Considerations in Summary Project Outlines (SPROUTs)

  1. Background and justification
  2. Objectives and indicators
  3. Outputs, activities and inputs
  4. Assumptions and prior obligations
  5. Reporting, monitoring and evaluation schedules

[Note: This checklist is adapted from ILO’s "Guidelines for the Integration of Gender Issues into the Design, Monitoring and Evaluation of ILO Programmes and Projects", PROG/EVAL, ILO, January 1995, Geneva.]

  1. Background and justification

  1. Problem analysis
  1. Formulation of the strategy