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About this module

This learning and information module on gender has been designed as a tool for learning about gender issues in the world of work, with particular reference to ILO's areas of operation. In it, you will find:

The module is meant primarily as an operational tool for ILO staff working in the ILO SEAPAT sub-region. Interested social partners of ILO, such as relevant government ministries and departments, employers' organizations, workers organizations, and women's organizations, constitute an important secondary audience.

This module on gender is a self-paced tool, which means that you can go through it at your own pace, over one or several sittings, and in any order that you wish. You need not proceed sequentially, but can jump immediately to sections that you consider most relevant to your needs. You can also bookmark sections that seem especially important and return to them at leisure or as frequently as you wish.

This module represents a first effort at utilizing a new medium, the Internet, for ILO's gender mainstreaming efforts. The module is conceived as a dynamic resource that will be updated and enriched as more operational tools and resources for gender mainstreaming are developed, both in the ILO and elsewhere.

It is hoped that you will find this a useful learning and information resource that can enrich ILO's efforts to mainstream gender concerns into all its operations. Your feedback, comments and suggestions on content, user-friendliness, or any other concerns are very welcome and keenly invited. Please contact the Director, ILO/SEAPAT. These inputs from you, the intended users, will help us tailor the module more carefully to your needs and interests.

The ILO/SEAPAT Online Gender Learning and Information Module has been designed and created by Anjana Bhushan for ILO/SEAPAT.

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